"In a world of polarities - good/bad, right/wrong, rich/poor, 
mine/yours - philanthropy creates a bridge"

Tim Brodhead, former President J.W. McConnell Foundation


I have had a twenty-year career in the field of foundation philanthropy in Canada. As the founding President of Philanthropic Foundations Canada for almost eighteen years, I worked with many of the largest private charitable foundations in the country. I am a strategic advisor and facilitator for many family foundations, in their work to understand the landscape, develop their goals, and structure their governance and grantmaking practices. 

Author of numerous articles and reviews on foundation philanthropy, I also speak frequently at conferences and workshops in Canada and globally. In my role at PFC, I edited comprehensive guides to starting and managing foundations, as well as guides for funders working with governments, with universities, and in public policy development and advocacy.
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I engage with philanthropic foundations and families, through conversation and facilitation, in their work to:
Create Strategy & Focus
Explore values
Develop shared mission
Assess the landscape
Learn about foundation strategies and models
Structure Grantmaking Processes and Policies
Build grantmaking essentials
Measure learning and impact
Promote Good Governance Practice
Clarify Board roles and responsibilities
Manage agendas and decision-making
Plan for generational succession